D. Carbone – Untitled (Black Sun Records BSR010 – 2014)

After machine-driven rudities on Bas Mooy’s Mord, D. Carbone is at it again with noisy amok tracks, very suitably on the Black Sun Records. The Naples-born co-owner of Repitch and 3TH Records drops four untitled cuts from the areas black as the night.
Apart from occasional trancy pads in A1, my pick of the EP, banging drums and evil distortions dominate across the release. A2 is the most caustic of the lot while after the atmospheric intro, the B1 turns swiftly to a stomping session and B2 brings further fresh produce from the punch plant. Carrying some influences from the 1990s techno, BSR010 offers headbanging twenty-two minutes on the floor, focusing on pure aerobics. By the way, next release on Black Sun comes from Ascion, another Italian behind Repitch and 3TH.

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