Oddly enough, the Eastern bloc regimes that practised bogus communism, tolerated sci-fi themes in arts and literature, despite of treating suspiciously anything what seemed even a little bit ambiguous. In the times when artists had to live with constant unease of having their works censored, may it be for wrongRead More →

The signals are loud and evident, when Ultradyne transmit on the assigned frequency from their interstellar refugium. Looking back to two decades in action – their tale started in 1995 with “E Coli EP” on Warp – the enigmatic producers from Detroit keep cruising in the extreme end of theRead More →

‘X’ was added to the item 58 in Semantica catalogue, after a handful of acclaimed producers were summoned to remix “Sorunda”, a two-tracker conceived by Abdulla Rashim and Axel Hallqvist in 2013. Back then, the original “Mark” made a more brisky impression and on the A-side a choice Italian squad maintains the initial pace. Reproducing theRead More →

This time, Detroit electro craftsman Sherard Ingram aka DJ Stingray 313 is reporting from Athens, Greece, having docked at the up-and-coming label Lower Parts. A trusted evangelist of immersive electro, Stingray puts up a convincing appearance across four tracks of the “Cognition EP”. Those familiar with Ingram’s productions, know his affectionRead More →

Italian space traveller Edanticonf reports for duty again, this time on Darko Esser’s Wolfskuil. Having debuted in 2011, the artist is foremostly known for a couple of dubbed out and atmospheric pieces on the Canadian label Silent Season, but also dropped a solid EP on M_Rec Ltd Grey Series last year. Presented byRead More →