Abdulla Rashim & Axel Hallqvist – Sorunda Remixed (SEMANTICA 58X – 2015)

sem_58x‘X’ was added to the item 58 in Semantica catalogue, after a handful of acclaimed producers were summoned to remix “Sorunda”, a two-tracker conceived by Abdulla Rashim and Axel Hallqvist in 2013.

Back then, the original “Mark” made a more brisky impression and on the A-side a choice Italian squad maintains the initial pace. Reproducing the spirit of Lascaux, Donato Dozzy’s “Cave Man Remix” is a wild one praising primitive urges of the tribes in furs, with frenzied kick drum constituting the backbone of the multi-layered entrancer. More shout-outs from the floor can be expected when Claudio Prc drops a swerving motorway version of “Mark”, a brilliant mixture of dubbed-out yet immersive patterns.

On the flip, Korridor’s air-cushioned reimagination of “Skog” floats between Vainqueur and Duplex with fizzy pads and lucid percussion, as a textbook example of beauty in techno music. The EP wraps up with so far unreleased “Sorunda”, of which we get a remix by the label owner Svreca, opting for a more experimental angle with sneaking drones and perpetual woodpecker bass receiving some EQ treatment.

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