DJ Stingray 313 & Mariska Neerman – 002 (Bleep43 Recordings ‎BLEEP43EP002 – 2015)

20150524_080325Several wise and good words have been said about the DJ Stingray 313 and Mariska Neerman split EP on Bleep43, which brings together two producers with as different profiles as they only could be.

In recent years, Sherard Ingram’s talent has been showcased in numerous releases and the Detroit electro mastermind keeps the DJ Stingray 313 alias well alive with a constant flow of new material.

The A-side is Stingray’s domain and it offers proven pneumatic funk across two tracks, of which “Nudge Theory” will win some hearts on the floor.

Neerman, in turn, is a fledgling artist from Belgium and it is not the first time she is sharing a release with Ingram. Already in 2010, she was invited to produce a track for “Loyal Opposition EP” on Planet E by Ingram’s Urban Tribe project. Now the sun breaks out in “Atê” and “Alpha Draconis” with her sweet take on melodic synth dance. One can draw parallels with the sound of Sally Shapiro, less the vocals, and the presence of Detroit chords reminds of early M-Plant.

Points: 8 of 10

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