Windom – Tart Tart (Pater Noster PATER002 – 2016)

a1711737612_10“Tart Tart” is a remarkable addition to the very young catalogue of Pater Noster, a label from London that emerged with a various artists EP last September. The inaugural release was in my wishlist and even in my hands at the Phonica store, but finally another one was bagged. Whereas the debut was a solid techno collection with provoking artwork and identity that could have created blasphemous connotations, but hopefully not overshadowing the musical side.

Pater Noster’s first solo artist Windom comes from Helsinki and across the four tracks he does not feel any mercy when pumping fuel to the floor. First we are witnessing a Detroit-Chicago derby in “Dedicated To The Vibe”, which unites Rhythim Is Rhythim’s strings with smoking ‘work that’ drums and is a ‘moderate’ introduction to more serious assaults like “White Light Motor”, an in-your-face opus built around distortions and abundant bass flaps.

On the B-side, “Snoaring” recalls techno’s funky days and the 1990s repertoire of Cristian Vogel, Neil Landstrumm and consorts. The peak arrives with “Start Stop Repeat”, a crushing repetition orgy with DBX’s minimalist squeaks, for feeling bloodhound techno hot on your heels.

Although there are a few familiar elements in Windom’s sound, he succeeds well in steering the hardware. This is why “Tart Tart” makes to expect more from the label run by Samuel Cardenas and Garret Littler and it would be interesting to see if their future plan of doing a cassette-only series for reviving forgotten favourites will materialise.

Points: 8 of 10

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