Mattia Trani could be someone who decorated his teenage room with Transmat and Underground Resistance memorabilia and even if it was not true, his recent affiliation with Detroit-bred artists is remarkable. Several Motor City legends, such as Juan Atkins, DJ Stingray, Claude Young, Orlando Voorn, have provided remix assistance toRead More →

After a long wait, “Untitled” became the first Pulsar Recordings release in my collection and also my most expensive music purchase on Ebay, for about €40. Mike Henk and his label have been probably on my mind since the first copies left the pressing plant and were listed in Hard Wax newsletters, and thereafter Henk’s interviewRead More →

Noisy synth and drone spillage from Berlin’s famed and feared 3TH Records that launch a cassette series with a release split between the ‘newcomer’ CSA (aka Ascion) and Lucindo. The A-side’s most intense moments come with CSA’s kick drum rush “eXeNTeSICUL” and dissonant mad man’s therapy “Devid S. Mystic Shower”, theRead More →