REVIEW: Shifted – Drifting Over (Drifting Over DRFT001 – 2016)

drft001-postcard-2-backPreviously I have covered a few Avian releases but surprisingly this is my first review of Shifted’s solo work. Long overdue for sure, because the label founder Guy Brewer, whose real identity was carefully protected for many years, belongs to the elect group of today’s techno producers and his tracks are an obvious choice for DJ sets.

After feeling tempted to cover his previous twelve “Six Steps To Resurgence”, the first release on Brewer’s new label Drifting Over is a real deal when the UK artist is going to challenge prevailing techno patterns with the material written three years ago.

Shifted’s four tracks at 130 BPM are straightforward and deep, even timid without any excessive noise and bang. With tribalish wooden percussion and smudged buzz, the opener “Clairvoyance Part II” delivers a real ‘techno hypnosis’ – not afraid to use this much-abused expression here – and would be a good fit to early Purpose Maker stuff.

A special award goes to “Untitled 808 Workout”, which reminds of vintage Terrence Dixon – a crisp and minimalistic cut with sneaking quivers sourced from steelworks and sounding a bit out of sync. Then there couldn’t be any more suitable title for the intensely probing “Drawn In”, ideally to be tested in strobe-lit dark rooms for opiating effect. For the end, things turn monotone in the ‘Static Mix’ of the slightly stepping “She Dressed In Grey” that would go nicely with Regis’s “Blood Witness”.

Without any doubt, Drifting Over could not have a better start than this outstanding techno EP, drilling your mind with the message ‘dance, MF!’.

Points: 9 of 10

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