Techno promos: –Story, /beyond/, D.Carbone, Zanias

Picked some releases from the promo folder to highlight those that have caught my attention.

NTK007_digital CRBN_001_Side_A Beyond_UL Koepel-I_Cover_Artwork_web






–Story – Object EP (Koepel-I)
Release date 26/09/2016

Along with cryptic spelling comes an exciting artist and label debut with deep house inclined tracks that make good use of bouncy drums and distortion the Rezzett way (“001”). A spontaneous fifer joins the dubby undercurrents in “002” and Planet E type majestic chords appear in “003”.

/beyond/ – Now I See There’s Light (Urban Legend UL 002)
Release date 25/09/2016

After having a track on Urban Legend’s inaugural various artists release “Phobos” last year, the industrial act /beyond/ makes the solo debut on the Spanish label. Among heavy-handed EBM and industrial tunes, the highlights are the opener “Phase IV” and “Blood Castle” with blazing arps, but actually all four tracks are worth checking.

D.Carbone – Acid Life EP (Carbone Records CRBN01)
Release date 16/09/2016

A new label by D.Carbone (Repitch, Mord, 3TH Records) who unleashes another waves of acidic fury, engaging his Italian-born fellow producer Gaja for the opener “Marzahn”. Four punishing sessions that take BPMs up to 160 and in this respect my fave track, ruthless Mike Henk style “Shout”, is mid-paced at 152.

Zanias – To The Core (Noiztank NTK007)
Release date 09/09/2016 

After lending her voice to the projects Linea Aspera, Keluar or Black Rain, Alison Lewis makes her solo debut as Zanias. Four tracks for Vienna based Noiztank are rolling industrial songs, the best among them being “Through This Collapse”, reminding of Room 508’s “Red Embers”, and “To The Core” with obscure ethnic sounds.


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