DUST OFF: Top 15 electronic tracks from 1997 (Part 2)

The second part of what is becoming a tradition: After listing my favourites from 2005 and from 1996, the time is ripe for another end of the year selection from the archives. The first part is here


Silicon – 4 L.L. (Vmax Records)
In 1997, Vmax founder Heath Brunner released under his electro alias a double pack with guest appearance from the producer Lowsh. After a period of supplying the fans with warehouse finds only, the label is making a comeback now.


Smyglyssna – Insvept I Papper (Plug Research)
The US West Coast label stood mostly for abstract techno and its experimental compilation “Plug Research & Development” from the same year was playing often in my room. Under the Smyglyssna alias, the Swede Henrik Johansson combined the best from dub techno and minimal.


Subhead – Savaloy (Subhead)
Out of the ordinary compressor techno I heard for the first time in Frank Lorber’s set for HR3-Clubnight. One of my all-time favourites and Subhead’s works are really worth checking.


Surgeon Meets Vice – Creep (Ideal Trax)
Surgeon’s album “Basictonalvocabulary” came out the same year on Tresor, but this tripping collaboration with Kalamazoo’s Jay Denham aka Vice remained somehow underrated. For me a striking example of hypnotic, laid back techno.


The Advent – Runners (Internal, FFRR)
For Cisco Ferreira and Colin McBean, it was an album year when “New Beginnings” came out and cemented The Advent’s position has a notable techno act of the nineties. On the album, the electro cut “Funkage” is immense too.


The Infiltrator – The Extraction (Underground Resistance)
In UR’s 1997 catalogue, Andre Holland’s darkstar funk was above all others.


Vainqueur – Elevation II (Reduced) (Chain Reaction)
Here we have a winner of dub techno segment in 1997, and beyond.

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