Zeta Reticula – Exploit EP (Bass Agenda Recordings BA090 – 2019)

Bass Agenda has been on a roll lately and the spring has arrived with several releases from electro’s darker end. “Necrophilia” from New Zealand’s Go Nuclear or “This Darkness” from Dutch project RXmode don’t leave any questions open about the dominating mood. Now electro tremors are coming with Zeta Reticula’s new EP, conceived by Uroš Umek who from the nineties has led the charge of Slovenian techno community and demolished the floors with storming sets. His Zeta Reticula electro project was launched back in 2000 and the newest one is an obvious pacemaker, the artist having imported immersive rhythms from four-to-the-floor experience.

The A-side offers precision strikes with gnarly stabs and drilling hooks, “Exploit” blasting like a hurricane over jet fighter cemetery and freaky convulsions with caustic sub-notes of “Extrapolate” are begging for a wide berth on the floor. Cranky Oompa Loompa rave resumes on the flip when robots are switching on speech processors in EBM-sprayed “Z.E.T.A.”, assisted by hardcore keys, and the bombastic “DRKSNS” is introducing Professor X to Knight Rider.

Zeta Reticula’s petrol driven electro really fits well the 180g vinyl, the artwork coming from Leho Siivo, an artist and long-time scene activist from Estonia.

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