***** Rando Arand – Alles EP (LIITHELI LIIT004 – 2019)

When listening to the first track “Maandub” (translates ‘touches down’), immediate neighbourhood of Chain Reaction and Deepchord would be the right shelf position for the new record by Rando Arand. Providing a tranquil flow of dub techno with a pinch of microhouse and glitch, the artist connects to the mild dubism of the Estonian label Liitheli that recently impressed with a twelve from Mava & Nebukat. “Moondub” (‘transforms’) is slowly cruising along deep house lane in the Great Lakes’ southside, thinking about stopovers in jazz bars.

“Joondub” (‘aligns’) brings interstellar drone in anticipation of Vainqueur’s rebirth, before we learn that bass is the ace and a new dimension opens with field-recorded excerpt from Tallinn’s public transport. For the end, after lullaby intro, breakbeats roll over “Avardub” (‘broadens’) that is both shy and bold deep in its heart.

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***** = 5 points out of 5.

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