**** Further Reductions – Array (Knekelhuis KH031 – 2020)

Further Reductions is a lovely outfit from Brooklyn, NYC that is welcomed back on the Dutch label Knekelhuis with deviant house hypnosis from the duo’s members Shawn O’Sullivan and Katie Rose. O’Sullivan, a versatile electronics trooper with equal interest in Planet Core oldies and cold wave, is engaged in swaying synth loops, while the EP’s focus is largely on different embodiments of Rose’s vocals.

Like her half-whispering in the haze of “Dense As Smoke”, where the mood is spanning from orientalism to tantrism under the eye of a diva from the multiverse. Three suns are shining over the kingdom of elves in “Array”, built on compelling drum patterns and flowery female voice, and “Only In My Mind” remains in the fantasy world of somnambulism. Most prescribed for the club use is “More Than Just A Dream”, its genome  shared between acid house and “Los Ninos Del Parque”.

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