***** Gosub – Cosmic Cannibals Ep (Isophlux ISO-108EP – 2021)

The title “Cosmic Cannibals” may sound like from a 1970’s Southern European B-movie, but the suspense provided by this four-track EP belongs to the category A entertainment. Shad T. Scott aka Gosub, who has been behind acclaimed electro tunes over the decades, escorts our imagination to the remote ends of the Universe, fueled by bold analog beats. Gosub’s powerful and spot-on tracks are like from techno’s founding days, when music went ahead of the haircut designs or SEO schemes.

Hard-hitting 909 dash “The Depth Charge” will be high on the list of the 2021 best techno, where a potent bass line is chasing synth tremors and glitzy leads. After electromagnetic intro, “The Way Home II” rides a rougher terrain, with Detroit’s defunct Hardwax imprint spotted in the horizon. Yes, thinking here of L.A.M., with Drexciyan type sci-fi roughness, which is amplified by a monster acid line.

The B-side is class of its own. Starting with electro motives, “The Ratio” gets vocal support by Preston Sherwood and floats in celestial spheres of cosmic jazz, feeling the breath of  Galaxy 2 Galaxy and Model 500. “Omni Presence” brings an abrupt change, when a termination squad arrives with a churning and adrenalin-dripping acid track. I love this record.

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