*** Dawn Razor – Blizzard EP (Dext Recordings DEXT015 – 2021)

Breakbeats in the title track are speaking the language of past decades, when the Russian producer balances on steep slopes of nostalgia and spices up the feeling with brusque drum patterns. Action-packed syncopation of “Vacant Crew” is conceived for climbing solid rocks in thin air, the power drink for the mission carrying both techno and trance labels. A remix of “Blizzard” by Desert Sound Colony adds a lighter shade to the original, to seek approvals of larger audience. After hazardous expeditions, “Synchro” allows some relief with deeper bass patterns. Digital-only bonus “Dublea”, as the title suggests, works with dub sounds, applied on crunchy riffs that are heralding a big beat invasion. Nevertheless, Dawn Razor is well prepared for a night in motion.

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