**** Volruptus – Pyrolatry (Tripalium Corp TRPLM008 – 2022)

Having previously raided bastions like трип, bbbbb or Sweaty Records, the Reykjavik-born artist Volruptus has now joined the French label Tripalium, wearing the same armor as Locked Club. A new EP pursues deliberately ugly and irritating sounds, which will have certain appeal when the clubs are reopening and people just want to go crazy.

In “Playing With Fire”, deranged broken beats are clashing with Network 23 residues and grimacing braindance “Human Control” is cogged to the mechanics of the opener. The B-side belongs to wild side electro, when “Arsenal” wouldn’t pass the checkpoint to a beautifully regulated world and the title track “Pyrolatry” keeps pulverizing any aspiring harmonies with the power of volcanic eruptions – hey, here we may have a clue to the artist’s name too! Obviously, Volruptus could run for a Grammy award in berserker folk category if such would exist.

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