**** Plant43 – Silver Streams (Plant43 Recordings PLANT43008LP – 2023)

Plant 43 Silver Streams album art‘Normally’ an acclaimed electro producer, Emile Facey aka Plant43 once in a while switches into beatless spheres. “Silver Streams” is the third ambient album by the Londoner and it appears on the artist’s self-titled label in three formats – double vinyl, cassette and digital. Whereas Plant43’s ambient is not solely for listening. It can be smelled and breathed, thus mobilizing all senses. Offering a perfect sonic imagery for the outdoors, the new album would be a suitable companion both for Balearic beach promenades and Nordic bog hikes, without forgetting the astronomical observations.

Gently spiraling synths pilot the title tune “Silver Streams” through the marshmallow clouds, to enjoy the scenery from above. “Counting Imaginary Comets”, after being greeted by Berliner Schule intro, bears a charming effect with festive synth sequences. By sound picture, “Frost Walk”, is facing more challenging conditions, footsteps echoing through the crisp air at sub-zero temperatures. Lights are turned down with the dive into “Deep in the Soil”, a timid drone flowing on abrasive surface and organ tones adding a cathedral feel.

Recalling Ricardo Donoso’s synth works, “Progress in Paces” hardly touches the ground and opens a melancholic section along with “Cold Spiral Steps”. After that, “Five Lakes at Dusk” thinks of past decades, setting up a tent near to King Crimson campsite. For the end, “They Don’t Tell You” complements the static flow of ambient with lively synth variations, as we hear in many tracks of this enjoyable long player.

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