*** Liza N’Eliaz – Initial Gain (USA Import MOM050 – 2023)

Liza N'Eliaz recordBelgium’s longstanding rave platform USA Import jumps on the reissue train and presents “Initial Gain” that was originally released in 1991, shortly before Liza N’Eliaz (1958–2001) turned to hardcore and became ‘The Queen of Terror’. Thus, the EP’s originals describe the electronic music’s transition from new beat to acid house and further on. Two cuts (“Space Split”, “Initial Gain”) are real old-timers, with ‘check this out’ and ‘pump it up’ samples and post-Atari acidic rave hooks. While “Sexcess” by Liza N’Eliaz was based on hip hop beats, Tolouse Low Trax pays respect to the past in his own way. The wizard from Düsseldorf adds a psychedelic and sensual touch in “Dementos remix” and equally gritty dub version comes as a digital bonus.

Next up in the label’s MOM series are Liaisons D. It doesn’t’ concern any edits or reworks of the band many may guess, but four tracks from a project launched by Paul Ward and Sven van Hees in 1989. Especially check out the “He Chilled Out (’92 Remix)” and “Astrogod”.

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