***** SCAN 7 – The Resistance EP (SCAN – S7-001 MCM – 2023)

A new label by Scan 7 gets a dream start with three versions of “The Resistance”. In fact, the original track is from the year 2011, when Tresor released the much-coveted EP under the same name. With spiritual strings and inspirational vocals by WysPurr, Scan 7 delivers floral grooves from Detroit, for a classic that would decorate any collection. Now it gets interesting with the track’s makeovers. First, in 2022 a test pressing appeared with deep house modifications by Dam Swindle and Terrence Parker, before in the middle of 2023, an official release follows.

With one difference. While keeping the Parker remix, Detroit heads are experiencing a terrific change when Underground Resistance enters the game. Soulful house textures are suddenly warped by a clenched fist scene. “UR Rusted Metal Mix” checks in with robust electro funk and robotic narration from the Submerge squad, before rock band takeover arrives with Saturnalian guitar riffs and combat orders. ‘If you can hear this, you are a part of resistance’, indeed.

A clip of "UR Rusted Metal Mix" (from Submerge.com):

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