**** Naum Gabo – F. Lux (DFA DFA2707 – 2024)

The Scottish duo Naum Gabo emerges from its initial (italo)disco corner, to explore the fields of experimental electronica, as heard on their debut album “F. Lux”. Naum Gabo are Jonnie Wilkes, one-half of Optimo, and James Savage, a prolific mastering engineer, who are molding abstract soundscapes, though not entirely neglecting the floor –  in a peculiar way.

The LP starts with glitchy pulses (“Aora”) and paranormal flashlights (“Tols”). After that, bass drum aficionados get a wake-up call with “Schinokapsala”, which is chunky industrial folk with low-pitched vocals, and elegiac crawler “Hebust Cometh” is orientating in a matrix of erratic soundbites. Gloomy mood persists in the B-side’s opener “Haerstag”, where cybernetic flies are exposed to arachnoid (un)mercy. Ghostly voices reappear in “This 1”, with cold machine sequences and beeps. Sturdy percussion introduces ‘club track’ “Nothing In My Hand”, where Naum Gabo’s stripped down kinetic funk travels to dark ages. Of similar breed is “Parasymptofelia”, which maintains the atmosphere. Not of the most cheerful kind of music, which addresses several senses of human beings.

Buy links:
Juno (UK)
Decks (DE)
Diskunion (JP)

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