Goth-Trad – Two Faced / Sunbeam (Deep Medi Musik 33) – 8/10

Japan calling. Goth-Trad is Takeyaki Maruyama and not a novice of the electronic music scene with his first release dating back to 2001. Japanese know how to construct earthquake-proof buildings and therefore Goth-Trad is not afraid that his bass assault would harm any dwellings in and around the epicentre.
He loves the bass, you get plenty of it here. Threatening and fat sounds on “Two Faced” that chugs along like a truck with heavy cargo. “Sunbeam” builds up in anticipation of a special event, maybe the arrival of, ahem, Godzilla. Almost a random pick to my collection but turns out to be from the better end of the dubstep avenue. 

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