**** Jessbeatz – Alien Invasion (Electrostatic ESTK-003MCM – 2023)

A new sci-fi interpretation from Detroit. “Alien Invasion” is the second release of Jessbeatz for Electrostatic, which belongs to the Escaped Distribution family, formerly known as Submerge. What seems like a new generation of Detroit electro, is a comeback of Jesse Anderson. Under the Frequency alias, he co-wrote with Keith Tucker the 1990 Metroplex twelve “Television / Frequency Express”. This relation is intact until our days as the new two-tracker is ‘powered by Aux88’, as it reads on the label.

By sound, Jessbeatz sticks to the genuine deep bass and breaks of the Motor City. Starting with robot noise that resembles to Robert Hood’s “The Rhythm of Vision”, the title cut proudly wears a ‘don’t f*** with 808’ badge when firmly steering a massive cargo of sound. The same qualities appear in “Light Years”, though with ethereal nuances over galloping beats and an astronautical voice talking about light years. Unfortunately, the ride doesn’t last long as both tracks clock about four minutes.

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