**** Optic Nerve – Fragments (Puzzlebox Records PBX-36 – 2022)

For a change, Detroit’s electro eminence Keith Tucker delves into the world of techno, applying his Optic Nerve alias for an EP of kaleidoscopic sounds. Consistently paced at 140 BPM, the four-tracker “Fragments” opens with the dynamic dash “Linear Motion”, which recalls Kraftwerk’s Tour de France themes. Darker shades appear in another piece of machine funk “Echoes” where rattling kicks carry a brisk and subtly corrosive bass line, making it my pick on this release. On the B-side of the white vinyl, irritatingly tinkling “Metalics” exemplifies nervous moments in a synth’s life, while after a levitating intro, “Sequence In Time” keeps the closest distance to deep and harmonic electro on this EP.




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