***** Downwell – Relative Strangers (Persephonic Sirens 017 – 2022) 

A new arrival on Persephonic Sirens is a precious one: Giorgi Kolbaia aka Downwell from Georgia is not holding his horses and delivers four armor-clad workouts. After well-received 2019 debut on the Spanish label Oráculo Records, the artist from the Caucasus joins the acclaimed industrial techno label, doing it with an impact.

Firmly steering a buoyant, bass-laden machinery, Downwell lends an entrancing flair to his tracks, like in the thundering title cut that turns the periscope towards a Goa encampment. Creatures from the dark side are exhaling toxic fumes for the start of “Dusk To Dawn”, tight beats good for furnishing a fantasy movie with a fleet of dragons cruising in the skies. The B-side opens big with “Major Issues”, a rejuvenated EBM on steroids that orbits with cinematic vocal samples and despite of the name, the closing remarks (“It’s All Falling Apart”) are full of life, uniting hypnotic percussion and sprawling synthscapes.

Persephonic Sirens releases tend to came in pairs and this time we have even triplets: Second Tension from Greece returns to the label with “The Third Soma” and the French artist NƵM 99 does his vinyl debut with “Analogia EP”, both delivering straightforward noise for intense aerobics.

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