***** Ancient Methods – The Third Siren (Persephonic Sirens 020 – 2023)

For the last three years, in addition to being busy with DJing and collabs/remixes, Ancient Methods has been curating new talents for his own label Persephonic Sirens. After the EPs by Downwell, Rubén Seoane and many more, it’s the maestro’s turn to present “The Third Siren”, to let the seductive roars conquer the lands and seas again.

My picks are on the A-side. The groovy opener “Sophia’s Silent Woe” offers a time machine experience, when flamboyant track with spoken word intro recalls proto techno (of BOY Records fame), and Balearic strings add a dreamy breeze. Ancient Methods’ trademark percussion appears in “Sacrificed To Marketplace Idols”, giving us whipping machine funk with deformed yodeling. The B-side is darker and noisier. In the funky bounce “Seers Turned To Voyeurs”, the scenes happening behind the curtains are feeding the imagination. Having survived the previous with scratches and bruises, the top-ladder industrial assault “Rot and Retaliate” sweeps away the last remains. Ancient Methods.

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