*** Various – Supernova (Nightflight Records NFR06 – 2022)

The four-track split EP from the Belgian label Nightflight Records hit the shops shortly before Christmas and if it didn’t get much attention because of holidays, now it’s time for that. Most eminently, the label has onboarded Privacy Policy, a project by Tim Smith and Wayne O’Brian from Ireland, who excel with intergalactic night drive (“View Options”) and groovy drum work (“Voodoo”) on the A-side. The duo’s tracks underscore the label’s hi-tech funk ambitions and the motivation to seek the connection to Detroit. The B-side is an atmospheric affair with midsize progressive cut by the Belgian debutant Khonsu, along with John Shima‘s sparkling remix of his “Resurrection”.

With “Supernova” the label from Brussels reaches the sixth release in its unhurried publishing schedule. Since “Cosmic Ray Event” (2020) by Mystic Future and Hughes Giboulay, I’ve kept an eye on the label and not only because of being on the promo list, as I’ve bought a couple of their releases. From the overall catalogue, my favorite so far is Spin Fidelity‘s Detroit-inspired “Particle Shower” (2021), where a quick and slightly exaggerated verdict allows to place it in Transmat folder, next to Aril Brikha and likes. Also “Back In Flight” (2022) by ReKaB, who in overall had a fruitful year, was a pleasing experience between acidic electro and IDM of “Artificial Intelligence” kind. Dub techno tip comes from G-Prod (“The Rites of Glamounja”), found on the sampler “Extrasoul For Your Mind” (2021).

Edit: Privacy Policy consists of two musicians and is not a solo project.

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