***** Reptant – Halls Of Perception (TRUST41 – 2022)

Connecting Australia and Austria: Reptant, electro musician from down under who won many hearts and minds with the debut album “Return To Planet X’trapolis”, is warmly welcomed by the Vienna’s friendly inn TRUST, known for hosting electro artists from around the globe and now offering bed & breakfast to Reptant. As many times before, TRUST has chosen the material with a certain twist, to stand out from dominant trends in the flood of new electro releases.

Reptant checks in with fluidal tripper “The Clique’s Clack”, which is a close match to the Plant43 style, right after that “Syncussion Concussion” supplying a harder edge with flaming stabs and sturdy drum work in the wake of Detroit In Effect. “Snitches Get Glitches” is a sleazy hip-hop’ish beast with killer beats to stun Snoop Dogg and consorts. On the B-side, the title track “Halls Of Perception” aims at soundtracking a heavyweight fixture before switching into star gazing mode, and “Organizm Mechanizm” is diagnosed with boing-boom-tschak, effectively shaking the physical space around.

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