**** Dopplereffekt – Neurotelepathy (Leisure System LSR026 – 2022)

Dopplereffekt’s magic has been accompanying us from the mid-1990’s, when the extraordinary Dataphysix releases by Gerald Donald aka Rudolf Klorzeiger and Kim Karli appeared with sterile mechanics and a bit of sleaze (“Pornoactress”). Since then Dopplereffekt has remained Donald’s core project, in recent years in collaboration with his wife Michaela To-Nhan Barthel. In the same, Germany’s Leisure Systems has become the duo’s home label and “Neurotelepathy” is their first album in this decade. Shifting between ethereal, ambient-like pieces and near field of 4/4, the album doesn’t follow a linear concept and leaves an aftertaste of sketchiness, like an assembly from the ‘unreleased’ folder. Though the tracks have passed a strict quality control procedure, as it is supposed to be by a team of sound scientists.

“Epigenetic Modulation” unlocks the door to the neural science lab with erratic space opera and machine interferences, leading to brisk techno flirtation “Neural Impulse Actuator – Mirror Neuron”. My favourite cuts are on the B-side: Placid opener “Visual Cortex” creates Der Zyklus affiliations and after retro-futurist neon synths of “Neuroplasticity”, space disco levitation “Cerebral Data Download 2100 A.D.” draws parallels to Freak Electrique’s classic “P.H.A.S.E.R.”

On the second piece of vinyl, “Cerebral To Cerebral Interface” picks up the pace, followed by heady soundscapes of “Cerebral – AI Entanglement”. The D-side is one a healing mission when Dopplereffekt’s branded pulses reappear in gravity-resistant “Optogenetics” and penultimate “Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation” combines solid bass with melodic pads, before shockwaves are sent through “EEG” for dissolving into the infinity.

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