**** ProOne79 / Fear​-​E – Acid Avengers 026 (Acid Avengers 026 – 2023)

The French label Acid Avengers continues its program of caustic beats with a cross-European split EP. Under scrutiny of a flock of smileys, ProOne79 from Sardinia sets the mood with rave whistles and ‘acid’ yells in a classic 303 cut (“Grinder”). Then the Italian picks up a much-exploited theme (“Loosing Control”), where he succeeds in keeping the suspense and drive by means of stout bass, hi-hats and modulated vocal part. Inevitably, DBX is haunting through the whole eight minutes.

Fear-E from Scotland furnishes the B-side with three acid manifestations. After teaching the basics with “Descent”, raw programming in “Silk” hails from the house of jack, leaving behind a strong sunburn. For the end, semi-industrial speed-dating “Say Hello To The Bad Guy” is a perfect peak time stimulator. For more f*ck*d up experience, locate a new compilation by the Acid Avengers parent label Tripalium Corp.


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