**** fleet.dreams – Echoes Of Ego (Vinezza VZZ001 – 2024)

US artist fleet.dreams has completed an appealing party pack, when launching his own label Vinezza with a bang. In the eventful debut EP, Texas-born Brooklyn resident Colton R. May comes up with rhythm and synth variations, topped with a moderate dose of progressive house.

On the A-side, tribal-powered deep house (“Semioptila”, “Tan Gallant”) conveys emotions that wouldn’t leave even the most grim-looking security guards indifferent. On the B-side, quivering dubs appear in “Deep Respire” and “Echoes of Ego”, an ode to hefty percussion, is peeking in the lunacies of Green Velvet. I can fully agree with the EP’s description that fleet.dreams has conceived ‘an eclectic tapestry of magnetic rhythms that satisfied the listener equally in the club, in a mix or at home’.

Having debuted in 2018 on Andrew Morgan’s Peoples Potential Unlimited, the next release by fleet.dreams came out on All City Records and now the next phase has started with Vinezza.

Buy links:
Juno (UK)
Decks (DE)


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