The 2016 electro vintage has been exceptionally good and despite of ongoing flood of new material, the quality level remains high. It’s time to have a closer look at the new releases on YUYAY Records, TRUST and Vortex Traks. Kurt Y. Gödel – Chord Rememory (YUYAY Records YUY009) YUYAY operates out of Leipzig, GermanyRead More →

In its second release, which comes from the label’s co-founder Thomas Pahl aka Vertical67 (previously on 100% Silk, Lunar Disko, Photic Fields, Acroplane Recordings), Vortex Traks does not make any sudden moves compared to the inaugural mini-compilation last autumn. The mood is set in the title track, glaring and atmosphericRead More →

The opening chapter of the Berlin-based Vortex Traks is dedicated to electro and more precisely to its melodic side. Four trusted artists are summoned to mark the label launch with productions that gladly unite the bass factor with relaxing elements. Before walking in moodier paths, the pressure is put onRead More →

  Nachtzug – Unspoken (Vortex Traks VTX 005 – 2017) Nachtzug’s five interpretations on the theme “Unspoken” are in line with the blueprint sound of Vortex Traks, when the German duo offers lulling midsummer electro with melodic pads and smooth synth sequences. “Unspoken 3” sounds so eighties, inviting to a sunsetRead More →

The tracklist with buy links: ADMX-71 – Phenomenalist (L.I.E.S.) As If – Nærvær (Silent Season) Nautil – Galdae (Further Records) Marco Bernardi – The Dancing Clowns (Berceuse Heroique) 3rd Face – Canto Della Liberta (Classic) I.B.M. – Bless The Mission And Toil (Interdimensional Transmissions) Liaisons Dangereuses – Dias Cortas (D.I.R.T.Y.)Read More →