NEW ELECTRO: Nachtzug, Obergman, Sync 24/Privacy/DeFeKT







Nachtzug – Unspoken (Vortex Traks VTX 005 – 2017)

Nachtzug’s five interpretations on the theme “Unspoken” are in line with the blueprint sound of Vortex Traks, when the German duo offers lulling midsummer electro with melodic pads and smooth synth sequences. “Unspoken 3” sounds so eighties, inviting to a sunset drink on Jan Hammer’s porch.

Worth a mention is Nachtzug’s not as tranquil solo debut “XP Lore” on Possblthings, a label from Leipzig which is affliated with the recordshop of the same name. My favourites are acidic crawler “Transmit” and dub induced “Artificial Flavor”.

Points: 7 of 10

Obergman – Quantum Eraser (Brokntoys BT08 – 2017)

While Brokntoys’ catalogue numbers are well in their teens, the BT08 – a four-tracker by the Swedish producer Obergman – came out only this summer. Earlier the artist Ola Bergman has been affiliated with the New Speak label from Stockholm and has released Abstract Forms and Stilleben. In the new EP we are facing familiar but well-executed electro motives, the highlights being agile beauty “Tokamak” with electric strings expressing mountain river’s chilly clarity and beatless “Synchronicity” between pensive pads and dramatic riffs.

Points: 8 of 10


Sync 24 x Privacy / DeFeKT – Split Excursions Vol. 1 (Cultivated Electronics CE021 – 2017)

“Split Excursions Vol. 1” is another group effort on Cultivated Electronics when three artists, the label boss Sync 24 with Privacy and DeFeKT are continuing a strong run of releases from the London label. After chunky “Hard To Tell” with echoing vocal samples, “General Data Standard” leads from ghettotech intro to fast-paced stimulation. On the B-side, Matthew Flanagan aka DeFeKT is hauling freight of heavier kind, both “MG1” and “MG2” having strong cards for sweaty electro floor.

Points: 8 of 10

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