Various – Vortex Traks Vol. 1 (VTX001 – 2015)

VTX001_artworkThe opening chapter of the Berlin-based Vortex Traks is dedicated to electro and more precisely to its melodic side. Four trusted artists are summoned to mark the label launch with productions that gladly unite the bass factor with relaxing elements.

Before walking in moodier paths, the pressure is put on by Tatu Metsätähti, a Finnish producer and one half of the Mr. Velcro Fastener. He challenges the floor under the Mesak alias with battering bass wrestling futuristic thuds and beeps in “Ketale”.

Jeremiah R.’s inclusion in the mini compilation is a very welcome move, when thinking about his rare but convincing material on the labels like Tabernacle, Enklav. or Bakk. His positively laden “Solar Impulse” features crystal-clear pads and layers, to produce a reminder of 1990s warm intelligent techno.

In “Forbidden Capital”, Mesak’s fellow countryman Matti Turunen, known from the project Morphology, seeks harmonies between scintillating acidic sequences and touches of dub, making it a premium-class tune for extended enjoyment. The last trak, “A Reading From The Misanthropist’s Guide To Romance”, comes from the producer Automatic Tasty (CPU, Lunar Disko) and forecasts sunny skies with a gust of Herbie Hancock’s funk.

Vortex Traks is run by two fellows, coded as Vertical67 and Naks, and though they both are big fans of electro, the label will not be limited to this genre and more variety can be expected in the future.

Points: 8 of 10

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