Marc W. Floyd aka Agent Chaos – Medicated Psychosis (Underground Resistance UR-053 – 2015)

20150815_085900For Underground Resistance it has become customary to issue a white label and sell it via Submerge Mailorder well before the official release hits the crates.

It’s the same story with “Medicated Psychosis”, a new EP by Marc W. Floyd aka Agent Chaos. UR-053 is about genuine Motor City funk with attitude, which in vocal parts defies the pharma industry and addresses the hazards of excessive medication.

‘Don’t swallow the pill, study other methods, use your own will’, goes the advice and leads to two versions of “Trapped In The Meds”. Proven UR textures carry the narration in “Lithium Lobotomy Mix” while the B-side’s sturdy “I Will Be Back One Day Mix” shows heavier assets, partly reminding of “Electronic Warfare”.

Points: 7 of 10

Stream a clip of “Trapped In The Meds (I Will Be Back One Day Mix)” / Copyright: Submerge. As of June 2017, the official release in not out yet.

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