Privacy – Human Resource Exploitation Manual (Lobster Theremin LTBLK006 – 2015)

20151003_153635And here we have “Human Resource Exploitation Manual”, which is not a classified folder from the depths of HR department, but actually the fourth EP of the enigmatic electro act Privacy. After “Command Pattern EP” on Klasse Wrecks, Privacy has decided to satisfy the mankind’s need for further electro shocks, when visiting on Lobster Theremin, a talked-about label of the moment.

In a fashionable manner, the paper-sleeved black label vinyl comes with A4 insert of random texts about coercive techniques, but the design does not luckily win over the music. The opener “Constant Transient” is a sinister electro piece we know from Ultradyne and it combines growling sequences with toxic acid drops on synthetic strings a la Kraftwerk.

Stomping and tweaking A2 track “Code” is an attempt of lethal repetition, but because of a seemingly endless synth loop it becomes quickly annoying. But, in magnificent manner, the previous miss is made up by “Apex Predator”, a rocking showdown of charging 808 stabs and dismal breakbeats, creating a strong demand for respins. “Human Resource Exploitation Manual”, much recommended for a hell of a party.

Points: 8 of 10

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