Ancient Methods – Turn Ice Realities Into Fire Dreams (Hands Productions V071 – 2015)


Ancient Methods has been a driving force behind the surge of dark industrial techno, a genre that is showing signs of saturation when numerous aspiring producers try to catch ‘the trend’. However, “Turn Ice Realities Into Fire Dreams”, the first Ancient Methods solo work in two years, proves that core values of industrial techno are not lost.

After 2013 release “Seventh Seal”, that could have been the requiem of the self-titled label, the Berlin-based master of pitch black techno funk has been busy with remixes and collabs, if to mention brilliant Powell reworks on Diagonal and joint projects with Black Egg or Orphx (=Eschaton).

In the new EP for the German label Hands Productions, the opener “Guided By The Force Of Compassion” welcomes with familiar set of slicing rhythms and synth-induced sonic shots, whereas occasionally it sounds like Underworld’s “Rez” had been sampled. “Protection Had To Be Given” sees the sword-swinging mercenary in full combat and lethal strings of “This Is All I Could Do” do not offer any relief when Oriental dust settles over spiritual recital. The final shivers come with the surreal “My Ice Baby”, the EP’s best track where helium-voice narration is mixed with creeping percussion for a freaky masquerade in gothic ballroom.

Points: 8 of 10

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