DUST OFF: Fred Giannelli – 1st Premonition (Superstition 2068 – 1996)


By 12th August of 1996, when Superstition Records issued “1st Premonition”, Fred Giannelli didn’t need any introduction anymore. After touring with the proto-industrial group Psychic TV in the 1980s, Giannelli moved on to electronic dance sector and adapted a number of monikers, such as The Kooky (or Cranky) Scientist, Mazdaratti and released with Richie Hawtin as Spawn, becoming a core artist of the pioneering Plus 8 imprint. Giannelli’s own Telepathic Recordings launched in Boston in 1992 and folded in 2001 with The Kinky Scientist single “Mid-Life Crisis” (perhaps it was a true story?). One of Giannelli’s albums, “Telepathic Romance”, appeared on the Finnish minimalism […]

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New vinyl: Amir Alexander, Frank Butters, CL/AD, The Groupies


It’s not new, the feeling that the summer is a suitable season for getting more ‘housey’. This assumption is reflected in my recent vinyl purchases, when after delightful moments with Luis CL’s Big Doint EP, further new additions are closely related to (acid) house. After I missed out on Amir Alexander‘s EP on Plan B, “The Morpheus Project” on his own Vanguard Sound! imprint is a good compensation. All four tracks move in deep house realms with politically laden narration. My favourite tracks are on the A-side: “King Kong Godzilla Gorillas!” with ‘Obama!’ exclamations over acid bits expresses the feeling of UR’s “Transition” and […]

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Anopolis – Δημοκρίτου (Lower Parts LP10 – 2016)


A heart-warming electronic music cluster has emerged in Greece around Thessaloniki’s Anopolis collective and Lower Parts, a label from Athens that has secured a quality roster with international artists such as DJ Stingray 313 or TX Connect, as well as late German acid king Andreas Gehm completed an EP during his prolific and unfortunately too brief career. However, the label’s first wave of releases came from the locals, most notably from Anopolis fellows who impressed with the debut in 2014. Now the group consisting of Dim DJ, Drum Machinee, Lowjac and Oldman Talkin’ has completed another sessions of drum programming and presents […]

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DUST OFF: Freddie Fresh – Comatone 95 (Electric Music Foundation EF 06-12 – 1995)


Minneapolis-born Freddie (Freddy) Fresh was in full swing throughout the 1990s and later, with a massive run of (acid) techno and electro tracks that were released under various guises on labels ranging from Harthouse to Missile. In recent times we have heard less about Fresh – a smoking collab with fellow Midwesterner Paul Birken lies more than three years back – but his extensive back catalogue offers several great finds. One of them is the mid-nineties release “Comatone 95”, which dropped on the Electric Music Foundation (EMF), an Analog Records offshoot launched by Fresh and Auto Kinetic. By the title, Fresh’s 1992 banger “Comatone” on EXperimental, could be related to the EMF release, but by […]

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Various – TEK DEF (Trash Can Dance TCD902015 – 2015)


Children and parents, if you happen to have some idle cassettes in your household, Uncle Gert ‘Trash’ Moser would be a grateful receiver of those, to give them a new life and spread the message of music. A restless advocate of Estonian alternative and electronic scene, Trash has been running his DIY label Trash Can Dance for a couple of years and is showing severe signs of cassette affection. With “TEK DEF”, Trash has completed a compilation of local techno, a real hand-made product of recycled cassettes that come in three different insert designs. For the start, serious techno heads should not be turned away […]

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Gesloten Cirkel – Untitled (Murder Capital M-011/M-012 – 2015)


Gesloten Cirkel’s double strike on Murder Capital is a much-awaited move after the artist’s electrifying album “Submit X” last year. Two heavy pieces of ‘untitled’ vinyl, again appearing on the same Viewlexx offshoot, contain six floor-shakers signed by Ratsnake the man. Both twelves reflect the producer’s proper homework in dance music history, which serves as a good basis for the tracks reanimating the fiery side of Chicago’s (post-) acid house. When going by catalogue numbers, M-011 begins with the eleven minute ride “The Real Melbourne House”, which is a red hot 2015 take on “Acid Tracks”. After getting off the blocks with snare drums and claps, sodden […]

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Dungeon Acid – The Move (Stockholm LTD STHLMLTD 035 – 2015)

For a dance track, the length is usually an asset and this notion has been valued since historical creations like “Acid Tracks” or “French Kiss”, both spread over ten minutes. Now Dungeon Acid suggests that 12 minutes of your precious life could be spent in the company of compelling Point Chaud remix of “The Move”, which fills the A-side of Stockholm LTD’s new release. The track which is not connected with “Move”, the artist’s 2013 piece on Detroit’s FIT, goes in the footsteps of classic Chicago workouts, in the form of a germinating acid house derivative. A gripping affair from the very beginning, it swerves through multi-layered […]

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Various – Jerome Derradji Presents The House That Jackmaster Hater Built (Still Music Stillmdcd012 – 2014)


A wealth of 26 tracks in the CD version and half of them selected for two vinyl double packs, Jerome Derradji’s Still Music digs again in the archives of Chicago house to explore the catalog of Kstarke Records. The story goes that the Kstarke owner Kevin Starke aka Jackmaster Hater, adheres to the motto I want them to hate me for putting this out, which is well reflected in the bumpy ride of the compilation. “The House That Jackmaster Hater Built” contains rare material by Ron Hardy, James “Jack Rabbit” Martin, Terrence Woodard, Traxmen and many more, for an entertaining assortment of hedonistic acid house workouts. Given the label’s approach and featured artists, the […]

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Terminal 313 Mix: Promos & Classics Vol. 2 (November 2014)

A number of new releases and some oldies in the new mix. On several occasions, I have been tempted to get a release of French jazz wizard Erik Truffaz and the same applies for Murcof, Mexican electronics don. “Origin Of The World”, the inaugural track of their collab on Mundo Recordings is a most suitable opener for “Promos & Classics Vol. 2”, taking the listener to the melancholic world where Truffaz’s trumpet meets ambient. Hot Guts is a Philadelphia industrial wave group and “All Suns” is from their new LP on Avant! Records. Anopolis collective stands for Greek-flavoured acid house and switches on the […]

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Τεχνόπολις – booming times for Greek techno and house

Either at a grocery store or tube station in the heart of big cities like London or Berlin, it’s easy to bump into an electronic artist, given the high density of techno’s creative minds in those metropolises. The artistic and partygoing appeal of large cities in the UK, Germany, Benelux, Italy, Austria and USA has been dominating the scene for over 20 years but gradually other locations have gained importance, often boosted by a few artists that brought the country to the map – like Sähkö in Finland. Not only Vangelis I’m not sure how many techno producers per square mile […]

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