pann​+​onn – Grohot (Ante-Rasa ANTE03 – 2015)

Released on the very first day of 2015, “Grohot” stands for very loud New Year fireworks the Serbian way. Brought to us by Belgian imprint Ante-Rasa, the five-track digital EP boosts the heart rate of anybody in love with harsh beats. Serbia may not look like a hotbed of harder electronic music but industrial has some traditions in the Balkans, which are not limited to Slovenia, to Laibach and its consorts. For example, Ancient Methods has had many recent gigs in the region and rounded off the year 2014 with a performance in Belgrade. In “Grohot”, doomed knights line-up for […]

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Mike Dred – Techno Satellites (Machine Codes CODE1100 – 2014)


Without any promo drumming, Michael Cullan aka Mike Dred has dropped a 11-track acid album “Techno Satellites”, out digitally on Dred’s own Machine Codes label.Dred has been part of techno’s evolution for over 20 years and produced several memorable tracks like “Macrocosm”, still one of my fave acid excursions. Some of his glitchy IDM experiments under the Kosmik Kommando alias left me a bit puzzled but the new album shows again Dred’s wealth of production skills.Perhaps 70 minutes of acid in one go is too exhausting experience but the selection allows to find own favorites. Mine are “Pasiphaë” with biting […]

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Datura Dilema – Chasing The Sun (Drama Universal DRAMA002 – 2014)


Release date is in May 2014 Having released two digital albums on Spanish platform Subsist with the focus on dubbed out and droning techno, Datura Dilema’s own digital imprint Drama Universal is seeking healing qualities with a set of softer textures. However the new two-tracker “Chasing The Sun” would not be a stranger on the floor.The 12-minute title piece is clearly driven by solar energy, letting gentle loops to trek over dunes in search of New Age tribesmen. Feeling like slow-mode Harthouse tune, it’s a strong pro-life statement with well-crafted harmonies. More intense repetition factor is faced in “Rise”, which […]

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Subjected – Zero (Vault Series VAULTCD001 – 2013)


Dirty grey and menacing, the fortification stands there to unleash monochrome frenzy when Subjected meets with success the challenge of a techno album. “M” is a compulsory dark ambient introduction, preceding a set of pounding gear by the founder of Vault Series. Nothing else than noise and heavy bass can be expected from “Boom Boom”, an apt ruler of the floor and a highlight along “Tool 1”. No-nonsense digital package adding some weight to techno sets.

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Yuuki Sakai – Yaghan EP (Subsist Records sub-d19 – 2013)


“Yaghan EP” by the Japanese producer Yuuki Sakai is another solid release on the Spanish imprint Subsist, which belongs to the top-end of digital-only techno labels.For the start not much rush can be perceived in “Natalie” where ripples of new-age percussion are entwined with hammering passages. In “Yaghan” the bass impact adds robustness to tribal notes and “Pilsner” is nothing for jolly daydreamers as it comes dark and haunting with eerie drums and steelwork noise in the background. The gloom continues in “Villeta” before the torture room is entered with banging “Fabl ‘O’”.Sakai’s tracks land between Diskant’s fired-up subequatorial drumming […]

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Tuomas Rantanen – Nychthemeron in Madagascar EP (City Wall Records CW077 – 2013)


Madagascar, a remote island in warm oceanic waters where aye-ayes are cozily hiding in tree branches. It might be a perfect setting for a “Chill Out in the Paradise” soundtrack but Tuomas Rantanen, a student of philosophy from Tampere, Finland, believes in the opposite, in hidden magic and darker undercurrents.“Morning in Madagascar” is a rude wake-up call from techno’s bloodthirsty side where the origins of violent bass tap into the assaults launched recently by labels like Pennyroyal or Perc Trax. Starting as well with a dark ambient intro, “Day in Madagascar” does not allow any rest either when it’s pounding […]

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Drvg Cvltvre – Everything Oblivion (Radio Kobayashi RKR 002 – 2013)


Dirty bass & electro cuts by Dutch producer Vincent Koreman aka Drvg Cvltvre who has considerably dropped the BPM rate compared to his RA-X years but not lost any intensity.Drvg Cvltvre’s coarse production style features rave-smelling hallucinating house keys in moderately paced cuts (“Movnt Doom”, “Shaped Like A Cross Pt. 1”) but any hopes for a slo-mo trip are ruined by “Sanctvary’s End”, a povnding monvnental cvt with svbtle EBM notes and also pyromaniac theme “I Set Fires To Feel Joy” kicks like hell.Transmitted from the digital imprint Radio Kobayashi the EP carries confusingly the same title as Drvg Cvltvre’s […]

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Datura Dilema – Orbital (SUBSIST sub-d18 – 2013)


Apart from three vinyls in the beginning of its existence, Spanish imprint Subsist has focused on digital releases and might seem for wax-obsessed music lovers as a label “among others”. However having hosted several household names like Shxcxchcxsh, Stanislav Tolkachev, Elektrabel, etc., the label from Valencia deserves more attention. The newest material comes from the anonymous artist called Datura Dilema who has completed the second full-length after “Parque Universal Fin”, released in 2012. Enigmatic  flair covers the twelve tracks of “Orbital”, spanning from introductory drone “Nada” and high-octane floor burners “Pleyades Comunica”, “Ozono Gente” to the highlight of the release, […]

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White Blush – White Blush EP (self-released – 2012)


Clearly filed under synth-pop, White Blush release smells like Commodore and 808. Originally from Chicago and now hailing from Los Angeles, Carol Rhyu, is obviously fond of vintage gear and neon sounds when she, the mind and soul behind the White Blush, presents a definition of urban daydreaming on the self-titled debut EP.The six-tracker could not have any better start than “True Luv”. Kicking off with a Plastic Noise Experience bassline, the tune essentially rides on sultry synth waves topped with Carol’s misty vocals. The same scheme prevails, along with agile arpeggios, in “Mirror” while pop meets Gothic melancholy in “Jolene”, […]

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DU71 – DU 71 (Archetypes Records ARCH008 – 2012)


Nine tracks of unknown origin. The artist called DU71 is not eager to reveal anything, except stating that nothing is more and nothing is less. Seemingly a statement in favor of minimalism, which is expressed by techno language in the digital-only album issued on Archetypes Records.Darker undertones and deep bass dominate in the release, which clearly targets the floor, but also flirts with experimental angles of the electronic music. “Beyond Space Boundaries” and “Remains Of The Remains” are good for physical exercises during peak hours in the club while mid-tempo “Helium Stars” mingles gaseous substance with dubbed-out beats and “Orga […]

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