Ricardo Donoso – Progress Chance (Digitalis DIGIV006)

Rating: 9/10 Senhor Ricardo has spent quality time in his studio (or bedroom?) with companions like Korg MS2000R, Yamaha DX7 and others to explain us how the emerald stones sound. Yes, he’s is originally from Brazil, now living and working in Boston, but I would not fiddle on his background to seek associations with rainforests or Amazon. Because this is universal music where some of inspiration might have come from historical synth wizards but this is definitely much more than another new age-minded synth record. Still entire LP would work as efficient music therapy for strained minds and bodies. Already the introductory […]

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Moritz Von Oswald Trio – Horizontal Structures (Honest Jon’s HJRLP54)

Rating: 9/10 This is a little provocation. Firstly, for well-scented audiences that share the passion for opera and Wiener Symphoniker and despise anything that sounds even a little bit electronic. Secondly, a provocation for club kids who may accept dub techno, but believe that classical music is crap.Two different worlds could get closer when listening to this all-star-team of electronically minded musicians.Moritz von Oswald, Max Loderbauer and Vladislav Delay, plus Marc Muellbauer and Paul St. Hilaire on guitars, provide musical excursions not only for the fans but also for the open-minded in both groups described above. The band has created […]

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