ELECTRO TALK: Komarken Electronics (Brokntoys, Solar One Music)


    A recent addition in the already standout roster of London-based electro label Brokntoys is Komarken Electronics from Sweden. Behind the act with about 10 years of soundwriting experience is Tobias from Kungälv, within a 20-minute drive from the Swedish electro capital Gothenburg. Terminal 313 sent a few questions to the artist.     Although you debuted on Stilleben already in 2007, your profile is not found in the Resident Advisor and not much is known about you. Please tell some words about yourself. I started the project in 2006 and put some tracks on a Myspace account. Lukas (Luke Eargoggle) […]

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Interview: Andy Crosby aka Spesimen


For a brief time in the 1990s, Ann Arbor electronic artist Andy Crosby aka Spesimen entered the electro scene with two releases on his own Infocalypse Records. His solo efforts included EPs on Amici Curiae and Pomelo, but before really taking off, Spesimen disappeared from the radars. Up to the comeback this spring, when Berlin label Libertine issued a split EP with Rusuden and Spesimen. Whether it was an one-off effort or does Crosby have something more in the pipeline, Terminal 313 tried to find out in a written interview with the artist living in San Francisco, going back to […]

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TECHNO TALK: Gaja (Ophism, Repitch)


After Gaja’s recent release on Ophism, Terminal 313 invited the Berlin-based producer to some questions. What came out is an interesting peek into the mind of the talented Italian. Q: You debuted in 2013 on Repitch, with a fiery EP, which was in line with the label’s sound. But still, why did you choose Repitch (or did they choose you)? Gaja: Mr Chimenti introduced me to Pasquale [Ascione] and Davide [Carbone]. We became quickly really close friends and one day, when Davide and Pasquale where at my place, I told to them ‘try to listen this shit that I recorded’. I […]

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