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A recent addition in the already standout roster of London-based electro label Brokntoys is Komarken Electronics from Sweden. Behind the act with about 10 years of soundwriting experience is Tobias from Kungälv, within a 20-minute drive from the Swedish electro capital Gothenburg. Terminal 313 sent a few questions to the artist.



Although you debuted on Stilleben already in 2007, your profile is not found in the Resident Advisor and not much is known about you. Please tell some words about yourself.

I started the project in 2006 and put some tracks on a Myspace account. Lukas (Luke Eargoggle) contacted me and said he wanted to release my music on Stilleben. “Komarken Electronic Research Center” was released on CD-r in 2007. It was a great label to start with and I was really into the music they had been putting out in the past.

Later I got in contact with the guys from Solar One Music and I was a part on a couple of Various Artists records they released and it is also the label where my first 12″ came out in 2011, called “Granular Material”. After this I lost focus on the project for some years, released some tracks on my Bandcamp but other projects and family life was my main focus. Last year I decided to reorganize some things in my personal life to get more time for the project and it paid off. This year I have released a digital EP with Tropical Underground called “Amore” and I have a 12” that is just being released on Brokntoys called “Expanded Consciousness” that I am really happy with.

When listening to your releases, obviously electro is your trade. Has it been always like this or have you tried out other genres?

For Komarken Electronics it is all about Electro. I have been doing music in other genres as well but nothing that got released. Personally I do listen to everything from Country to Hip-hop. I like many kinds of electronic music.

What does excite you in electro?

I think Electro is a diverse genre that includes a lot of different styles really. A lot of it doesn’t excite me at all. Hard to explain what it is but when it is good it gets to me as no other kind of music on an almost spiritual plane.

You come from Kungälv, not far from Gothenburg that is the home Stilleben and can be called Swedish electro capital. You are probably well connected to the local scene and do you feel the electro is the strongest in the area?

If you mean the scene as clubs and nightlife I don’t know anything about that. I live a calm family life in Kungälv and when other people are out partying I am producing music.

Stilleben with Luke Eargoggle has been an important part for the electro scene, especially what for me were the golden years around late 1990s to mid-2000s. The Gothenburg – Den Haag connection was the main influence for me to start doing this kind of music. Some of the best ‘modern’ electro comes from Gothenburg like Eargoggle, Rutherford, Volfram and Kan3da, to name a few.

Was there any particular reason why you chose Brokntoys the publisher of your next record?

Just take a look at their back catalogue: it is all golden! Also when I got to know some more about their approach to their label I was very impressed. They put so much heart and effort into it and I feel privileged to be able to work with them.

How did you engage Delta Funktionen for a remix and did you expect a different kind of view on the title track?

I did not engage him, it was all Brokntoys. I am very happy with the result, his remix takes the track to a totally different direction.

Can you reveal anything about your near future plans in music?

I am producing a lot of music now and have been talking with some labels to have tracks on Various Artists comps but not anything is confirmed yet.

Now I focus a lot on building a great liveset. I had my first gig outside of Sweden a couple of months ago at Mechatronica in Berlin. I had a great time playing there and want to take my music to other places in 2017.

I will also try to be active on my social media accounts. Do a monthly mix with music I been listening to.

Do you share the opinion that 2016 is another year of electro revival, looking on the amount of new releases popping up all the time?

Yes! There is a lot of great music and high quality labels around right now.

Deciding by Komarken Electronics FB page, you are eager to give credit to other producers and not using it for self-promotion only. Can you name your current TOP 5 tracks?

From my recent finds:

Blixaboy – Detroit Steel
London Modular Alliance – The Mind Is A Terrible Thing
The Exaltics – NGC 253
Zeta reticula – Euphonious
Jensen Interceptor – Collect Those Ends

Thank you Tobias!

Komarken Electronics on Bandcamp

Komarken Electronics on Facebook


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