Cheap And Deep Productions – Words, Breaths And Pauses (Cheap and Deep 01) – 10/10


The snowbanks outside provide inspiration to compare this release with an avalanche. It’s as powerful and overwhelming but, unlike the unharnessed power of the nature, this experience is taking you over in slower motion – till you find yourself buried under it.The first, title track, has mechanic beats as well as Uta Adler’s breaths and pauses. You sit like on board of an icebreaker pushing through a frozen sea with engines under heavy pressure; vibration and chugging goes to the bone. Supremacy of the machines par excellence that we hear also on the B1-track “Tight” with ghostly echoes and voices. […]

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Various – Music From Mathematics Vol. 1 (Mathematics Recordings 030) – 8/10


Chicago v. 2.0 – this label of Poindexter and Moss carries proudly the flame that was lit in the 80’s in Windy City, and they excel both in yield and quality. Current compilation has again picked up various musical influences and starts with Sir KaTie and “Shout” that speaks to all Tears For Fears fans and brings up great memories. DM’s familiar chords are soon overrun by a disoriented jam session where we could hear pieces of “Robots”.  Marcello Napoletano’s “Space Voodoo” is dashing soundtrack for congregations of wild tribes, a stylish tribal piece guided by snare drum. On the […]

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Nacho Patrol – The Africa Jet Band (M Division Recordings 04) – 9/10


For this occasion Danny Wolfers AKA Legowelt is king of the jungle, under the Nacho Patrol moniker. Dutchman’s fantasy in inventing cool artist names is boundless. More impressive is his ability to control all the music machines and produce tracks that are retro-sounding and contemporary same time. As Nacho Patrol he pours gallons of funk to the discomobile’s tank, steps on it and let’s the fun out. “El Fuego En Nosotros Todo” is a powerful start and my favourite here. Psychedelic and etherial mood set in the first track carries on throughout the release. In “Cheetahman” we encounter a chimpanzee […]

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Various – Voyeurhythm EP 1 (Voyeurhythm 001) – 9 /10


A confession to start with: the history of soul and funk, and this part of the music world in general, is something quite alien to me. It’s for the experts to say if this record is freshly squeezed tasty juice or just warmed-up bouillon of edits from the cellars. Anyway, I’m impressed about this greatly rolling piece of wax that fits to the home listening, as well as to the club floor.A-side belongs to Benjamin Sun and “When You Looked” that is a joyful and clamorous piece of old school funk. Megadon Betamax (what a name!) opens the happy proceedings […]

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Ancient Methods / Various – The Whip / Eat Like Hawks (RSB 7 – 2009) – 10/10


A procession is dragging their feet in a cobbled street, squeezed between dark and ancient town walls. Hooded beings feel the fatigue in their feet and what is eating them? Are they still in a shock about the execution of a despotic landlord or are they ridden with fear after having learned that the entourage of inquisitors is approaching? Or are they just the believing men in-trance who obediently follow the beat of a mad drummer? On the A-side, Ancient Methods takes us back several centuries and uses medieval-like rhythm patterns that run through the filters of chugging techno. The result is hypnotic […]

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Roska – TWC EP (Roska Kicks & Snares 007) – 9/10

Roska has the debut album out on Rinse and for this special occasion a review from the archives of Masinamusa, from the fall 2009.In Finnish “roska” means “rubbish” but this first association is totally wrong in this respect. Because the release is pure gold. “Concrete Jungle” is a perfectly rolling production with a catchy rhythm and a perfect choice for an Indian Summer terrace party. Pure bliss goes on in the same vein with “Proverbs”. B-side tightens the grip, a female “ah-ah” vocal emerges and some funk and “Strings of Life” influences are thrown in. The last, “Without It (Bonus)” […]

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