Roska – TWC EP (Roska Kicks & Snares 007) – 9/10

Roska has the debut album out on Rinse and for this special occasion a review from the archives of Masinamusa, from the fall 2009.
In Finnish “roska” means “rubbish” but this first association is totally wrong in this respect. Because the release is pure gold. “Concrete Jungle” is a perfectly rolling production with a catchy rhythm and a perfect choice for an Indian Summer terrace party. Pure bliss goes on in the same vein with “Proverbs”. B-side tightens the grip, a female “ah-ah” vocal emerges and some funk and “Strings of Life” influences are thrown in. The last, “Without It (Bonus)” is a real culmination. Thank you, Your Highness Roska, for delivering genuine 21th century dance music and being not far away from creating totally unique stuff here.

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