Unknown Artist – Shimmy Sham Sham (Shimmy Sham Sham 001) – 8/10

Who is the most prolific club artist? Who else than the “Unknown Artist” who is represented in the discogs.com zillion times, most of it nothing more than just plain boredom. By calling an artist “anonymous” some expect to lend a mysterious and alternative touch to the release but often it’s just a marketing trick. The artwork of such releases is quite basic – a paper sleeve, stamp on the label, etc.
This 12-inch is exactly like this: anonymous (said to be produced by Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts, unconfirmed). By hearsay from Berlin and the first release on a new label. It means, you get either all the fun or nothing. Happy to say that the first option applies here. A-side is a great rolling disco-funk that starts off in an instrumental vein. In the middle of the track merry afro vocals show up, and as a common effort of a male singer and gospel chorus really make you feel sky high.
B-side smells like a edit with very familiar vocal samples. The style persists, only the pace is somewhat slower. Would be a perfect club record if only the flip would not be so common-sounding – that explains the 8 out of 10 points.
But still, shimmy sham sham, sham, sham, shimmy!

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