DUST OFF: Frankfurt Trax Vol. 1 (PCP 004) 8/10

In the beginning of the 90’s a hardcore techno factory was based in Frankfurt am Main (FFM), a lot of brain-drilling trax, by dozens of artists hitting the floors from its conveyors. It was revealed only later that one man, Marc Trauner, was behind of most of the monikers and in addition to producing was utterly busy in inventing new and new label and artist names. PCP (Planet Core Productions) was the base of the hardcore.
About same time a wave of hard trance swept across Germany, and although the PCP and Harthouse releases, for example, were different like day and night, still some trance gurus like Sven Väth and DJ Dag found their way to the PCP releases.
This one is the first in the legendary Frankfurt Trax series that suffered a loss in quality in later volumes, when it was already issued under Sony. Here PCP crew is still seeking its own style and combines industrial and hip hop influences.
Here the best comes last when Tres Hombres and Free Base Factory present two bonus tracks that are real FFM ghetto hip-hop joints. Recorded live in the seminal Cooky’s club, with primitive equipment and ignorant sound engineer, I imagine. A very energetic lo-fi stuff that reminds of Public Enemy.

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