Jeff Mills – Untitled (Something In The Sky 002) – 9/10

SITS 002 is an extraordinary release. It’s the first Mills production in ten years that lands in my collection (the previous one was “Metropolis”), although his early catalogues of Axis, Purpose Maker and Tresor are well represented in the shelf. “The Purpose Maker EP” and “Waveform Transmissions Vol. 1” still give goosebumps.
Secondly, the current one is, indeed, an exceptionally good release. Spins around a UFO theme that is part of the larger concept of this recently founded label.

On the A-side you find very Millsian, perfectly calibrated jet techno that makes the aliens stretch the aerials and will be definitely up-to-date sound also in 2110. Both tracks are fairly atmospheric and the Grand Master moulds the matter in a slightly cautious manner, keeping a bit of distance.
B-side offers a kind of old school dramatics, only it’s a pity that the first track on the flip is loop-like with not too many variations. B2 slows down and changes the rhythm but all downtempo attempts are made void by an energetic synth groove “feels like 1992”.

Now when I think, it’s a rather ordinary release with all the loops and familiar sounds & effects. However, Mills has managed to create an atmosphere that we recognize from his best days; all in all it makes  peek up the sky – maybe there’s still something…

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