To Rococo Rot – Forwardness Fridays EP (Domino 356T) – 8/10

This is pure prejudice to think that To Rococo Rot, being around for years, does music for salons and art exhibitions only. However this is the first time the group makes an entry to my record shelf. I have to admit that seeing two interpretations in addition to the original track helped to decide for this one.
On the A-side is “Friday” and West Green Rd Remix by Shackleton, dubstep insider and Skull Disco label co-founder. The track hovers beautifully over the moon-like landscape and adds some decent bass to otherwise quite atmospheric feel. It’s like at a weather station where discreet instruments tell us with what days are to come, but then distant thunder is heard and somebody is agitating at the corridors before the new layers of sounds emerge. The track is very mature and even scientific.
On the B-side “Forwardness” has been given a remix treatment by Traversable Wormhole  (NYC techno veteran Adam X) who has opted for a crawling track with noisy minimal influences. A lot of knobs are turned and synth layers thrown in – music for dancing around a flaming bonfire during a cold night.
B-side concludes with “Forwardness” by To Rococo Rot. Here we encounter modern electronica with a touch of acoustic with guitars and bells. The track is much more indie than the other two and speaks to ToRR fans, I believe.
Not a too accessible release that has to be listened carefully to perceive all sound bits and advanced rhythm patterns. Still, great tension inside and very much recommended.

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