DJ Jus-Ed vs. DJ Qu – Real House Music… (Underground Quality 027) – 8/10

Not much innovation was used when this release was titled, the same can be said about the label name, Underground Quality.
But here we have a decent four-track EP full of percussive deep house. Qu did the A-side and kicks off with technoid feel in “Runwitit”, a slo-mo and minimal drum composition that reminds of recently reviewed Traversable Wormhole remix of a To Rococo Rot’s “Forwardness“. The next one, “All Across The Floor”,  is a perfectly produced fabric that does not need any ironing and where cool vocal inserts are complemented by catchy keys and horns. Deep house at its best and has both power and elegance – A2 is the clear winner of this release. 
On the B-side two tracks by Jus Ed: First, “Retrace Your Life”, delivers nice synth drums and then adds spaceship-sounding hum to the well-selected chords. “Jusnotic” is the most intensive of all of them with  Plastikman-like helicopter bassline and slapping sounds we usually hear from FXHE releases. Kicks a…
Can’t argue it’s not real house music. Nice musical storytelling with deep house influences from Detroit and New York by a Connecticut label. Underground – not so much; quality -yes, I agree. However I’m not sure if I need two copies of it as the label insists.

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