DMX Krew – The March To The Stars (Strange Life 038) – 7/10

Ed DMX rocked the Tallinn Art Academy in May 2002 with a blazing live set, along with Cylob who among other tracks manipulated the masses with his techno-electro version of “What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor?”.

Now on Legowelt’s Strange Life label DMX Krew gives daylight to a new CDr that is more wave and pop than electro. Certainly he had lined up a lot of analog equipment for this one. First tunes are happy cartoon music with disco and funk influences, not too challenging. “Lip Chime” and “Tension” are more abstract and slower letting out some NASA sounds. “Happy Birthday” is celebrated when driving in a convertible along the calanques and the Mediterranean coast at Marseille. “MS10 Breathing” and “Bel 189 Trax” are Toytronic-like floating synth compositions, while “Memory Theme” is my favourite  with a catchy melody and slapping synth lines. It would work well at the Eurovision Instrumental Contest, if there were such thing. In the last track, “Hellfire”, you hear a disciple of Jean-Michel Jarre. Nice and simple release.

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