Harmonious Thelonious – On Stages EP (Diskant 02) – 8/10

You will be well boiled and cooked when listening to that. A cannibal feast is introduced with “Angewandte Muziek” where dry and fierce percussion accompanies the track. Crowd exclamations and synth drum wildfires leave no doubt that you have been stranded on a remote island somewhere in the Southern hemisphere – Planet of Drums and Raoul K would send greetings.  “On Stages” is based on a spiralling bassline and jack elements. With shouts and whistles it creates an impression of live performace – that explains the title as well.

On the flip, “Makeshift” runs on a wooden xylophone groove and softer percussion but lacks the excitement of other tracks. For the end you will be rewarded with ample drums: “Primitive, Persuasive, Provocative Percussion” is really a fat rhythm monster and soundtrack for tribal rites.

The Durian Brothers and now Harmonious Thelonious have made Diskant a great launch and it’s definitely a label to watch out for. Not an ordinary club fare that expands the horizons.

Buy Harmonious Thelonious CD “Talking” (incl tracks from “On Stages”)

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