Kasper Bjørke – Standing On Top Of Utopia (HFN Music 04 LP) – 6/10

A good present for a young-at-heart lady celebrating her 52nd birthday. She definitely remembers the disco days and is fond of pop music. Well, Scandinavians have done a cute record full of disco hooks, guitar riffs and honey-like vocals. I have to admit my doubts before the purchase as it sounded “too pop”, and really, the opener “Young Again” would fit well to afternoon radio shows from Dublin to Minsk, as does “Alcatraz”. The next, “Dasko Vanitas”, is different: an instrumental piece that lets disco balls shine and pours in some hefty bass, on the backdrop of well-measured beats. “Animals” features vocals by absent-minded ladies and rubbing bass and the A-side concludes with “Great Kills”, a slow and even melancholic instrumental meditation.
On the B-side “Melmac” is the first one to note: surprisingly different and even somewhat aggressive motor music with neotrance feel. “Heaven” is a cover of Rolling Stones and brings back melodies and sweet siren voices. “Efficient Machine” can’t decide between rhythm patterns, switching from slower to faster and “Fasano” travels in more experimental roads.
This record is like a social event with several singers and musicians involved. Bjørke has composed most of the tracks but sings only on one, “Fido & the Friendly Ghost”. Summerlike stuff that will not only speak to the lady (52) but also to fans of cosmic and house.

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